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Rattle and Drum

We stock a huge range of stuff from an A-Z of top manufacturers - Ashdown, Blackstar, Boss, Charvel, ESP, Fender, Gretsch, HK, Ibanez, Jackson, Line 6, Mapex, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Paiste, Pearl, Peavey, Roland, Sabian, Shure, Squier, Stonebridge, Takamine, Tama, Tanglewood, Vox, Wharfedale, Yamaha, Zildjian and loads more. Phew! We have a great big shop full of awesome gear in Derby, UK, but if you can't get down to us then please have a good browse of our site and drop us an order, or if you need any help please let us know! Our goal is to continue to offer the best products at the best prices whilst continuing to give excellent impartial advice weather you're just taking up the drums or a seasoned pro.

telephone: 01332 341414


A family business since 1893

Foulds have turned themselves into one of the country's biggest complete music stores, boasting a huge range of upright pianos, digital pianos by Roland, Casio and Clavinova and grand pianos, music, orchestral instruments and accessories. The new guitar shop upstairs boasts specialist showrooms for each area of the guitar world - Jazz, hand-made, classical, acoustic and electric.

telephone: 01332 344842

Neville Brothers Musical Instruments

We are dealers in Musical Instruments and carry out Repairs to most types of Guitars Amps Brass and Woodwind etc. we carry large stocks of accessories too. For over 25 Years we have been Supplying and Repairing Musical Instruments for Musicians, School and College Bands, Military Bands, Brass Bands and Wind Bands, Students, Amateurs and Professionals etc.

contact: 01332 290762

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