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support and friendship for families

We help to increase the confidence and independence of families by: Visiting families in their own homes to offer support, friendship and practical assistance, Reassuring parents that their childcare problems are not unusual or unique, Encouraging parents' strengths and emotional well-being for the ultimate benefit of their children and trying to get the fun back into family life.

tel: 08000686368

Dyslexia Association of Staffordshire

Our aim is to encourage and support clients confidentially in a safe and empathic environment, through awareness promote a responsive and approachable service to all with an interest in dyslexia and to empower clients to achieve their full potential in education, employment and everyday life.

phone: 01782 627166

Parent Partnership Staffordshire

Working together for your child

This service is for parents and carers of children, aged 0 to 19, with special educational needs. Our team help develop closer links and better communication between families and all involved with their child. This could include schools, Children and Lifelong Learning (C&LL), [formerly education and social services], voluntary organisations and other professionals involved with a child who may have a special educational need.

phone: 01785 356921

Dyslexia Action

We are committed to improving public policy and practice. We partner with schools, local authorities, colleges, universities, employers, voluntary sector organisations and Government to improve the quality and quantity of help for people with dyslexia and specific learning difficulties.

call: 01785 818783

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