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Take one of our portable wireless audio speakers from room-to-room and stream your favourite tracks straight from your laptop, PC, Android or Apple device for a more liberating listening experience. Sit back and enjoy a more sophisticated sound. Our range of mini and micro Hi-Fi systems combine high-quality audio, easy access to your favourite CDs or digital music tracks, and elegant style which will bring any room to life.

Music Matters

The build quality of the cabinet is remarkable. So how does this fit in with Sonos players? - it couldn't be simpler. Press one button on your controller and the system cleverly works out whether a Play 3, Play 5 or ConnectAmp is connected and then automatically optimises the settings and applies the correct crossover frequency to make all the bass energy come from Sonos SUB, and the mid and high frequencies come from the Play 3, Play 5 or Connect Amp - this improves sound quality dramatically and enables the system to play louder.

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