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Orbital Charity Dynamics

In the Charity and not-for-profit sector, you may be an ‘experienced buyer’ of outsourced Services. If you are, we welcome you and look forward to speaking to you about your next campaign and how we may be able to assist with any aspect of your charity marketing. If you are considering outsourcing for the first time, we bring a wealth of experience that can be targeted towards many different types of charity marketing.

Wootton George Consulting

Please see our Fundraising Services pages for details. Today we also advise on the development of social enterprise. Due to the size and capacity of our team of fundraising consultants, we also offer outsourcing via Fundraising Placements, the interim fundraising solution.

Charity Fundraising Ltd

Fundraising consultants to the voluntary sector

We offer a full range of fundraising services including; funder research, bid writing, tender writing and review as well as full fundraising campaign management. We also offer strategic advice, business planning and training / mentoring. Our team of professional consultants has expertise in supporting charities and social enterprises across a broad spectrum of the not for profit sector.

Charity Funding Solutions

creating resources

We emphasize the importance of individual and corporate giving and on creating events to promote donor interest and participation - with grants being a bonus. For this to happen, charities need to actively work to build better relationships with their supporters. Once you have donors' trust, it is much easier to build a strong foundation for future campaigns and fundraising.

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