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Tuffa UK Ltd

A manufacturer of both Plastic and Steel liquid storage tanks of all sizes. Our products include tanks for: Oil, Water, Fuel, Diesel, Waste Oil, Chemicals, AdBlue, De-Icer, Molasses, Petrol and more.

telephone: 01889 567700

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Liverpool Bulk Liquids Ltd

oil terminal in Stoke On Trent

We have been providing storage at our oil terminal in Stoke On Trent for many years and offer a range of solutions for all types of bulk liquid storage in Stoke On Trent. Our oil terminal in Stoke On Trent is multi-user and can accommodate a wide range of oil storage needs. We can also supply storage solutions in Stoke On Trent for vegetable oil, biodiesel, chemicals, fuel oil and most other bulk liquids.

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